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Bringing heritage & progression to your home

Since 1949, Kartell has been defined by creating modern designer furniture through distinctive, progressive design and the exploration of new materials and technologies.

Kartell Perth is proud to give Australia access to a unique combination of Italian heritage and a passion for finding modern and contemporary inspirations.

Explore Kartell’s most iconic contemporary furniture designs, here in Australia

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Living Room

Bring the most progressive & premium Italian furniture designs into your living spaces to take your everyday life to new levels of comfort & style.


Kitchen & Dining

Our kitchen & dining spaces have always played such an important role in our lives. Match your entertaining with sleek, modern furniture that brings distinctive Italian flair & flavours.



Modern-day workplaces can be in the home, or in the city. Wherever you work, create spaces that are as inspirational as they are functional with our collection of designer furniture for the office.



When you take refuge, to refresh and recharge, choose Kartell’s deluxe range of designer furniture to make your sleeping spaces inviting, luxurious, comfortable & restful.

Finest Design & Innovative Technologies

Furniture by Kartell is known for its industrial production of the finest quality design objects, made with remarkable technological content and expert craftsmanship in Italy. 

From the choice of innovative and certified materials to the use of advanced technologies, Kartell delivers a collection of designer furniture that has technology, quality, resistance and durability as part of its DNA.

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Wondering Where to Buy Designer Furniture in Perth?

If you’re looking for designer furniture in Australia, the iconic Kartell brand can be purchased in Perth from Trilogy Furniture. An innovative store inside a store concept, bringing Kartell’s only West Australian store to the Trilogy Claremont Showroom.

What are the Different Types of Kartell Furniture Online?

Since 1949, Kartell has been defined by creating modern designer furniture through distinctive, progressive design and the exploration of new materials and technologies. The different types of Kartell furniture online include homeware accessories such as Kartell’s famous “Componibili”, designer chairs, soft furnishings, couches, and designer tables, and more. Visit our showroom to view our entire Kartell furniture collection.

Wondering How to Choose Furniture for Your Home, Office, or Space?

Kartell furniture is the perfect synthesis of classic Italian design and revolutionary eco-friendly material. Kartell’s continuous research to sustainable processes have produced products made from recyclable raw materials. When it comes to choosing furniture, it can be a difficult choice to choose something practical, yet functional and beautiful for your home, office, or space. Our contemporary furniture in Australia comprises of polycarbonate homewares and accessories through geometric style such as the “Jellies” and “Trama” range which is child-friendly and suitable for outings on the boat. Kartell’s furniture is versatile for any space as it is offered in various colours and fabrics. For example, our “Pop” outdoor sofa is customisable, and the customer can choose their preferred fabric.

How to Style Your Kartell Furniture

When it comes to styling your Kartell furniture, our Kartell pieces exude effortless style with a contemporary and sleek edge. Kartell’s table collection such as the “Sir Gio”, “Multiplo” and “Four” can be styled effortlessly with various accessories including the “Shanghai” Vase, “I Shine” Vase or the “U Shine” Vase. Homewares such as the “Jellies” and “Trama” ranges include carafes, plates, bowls, and glasses offering distinctive colours which include crystal, green, light blue, and pink. These colours can be mixed and matched to articulate an elegant style suitable for any occasion.

How to Clean and Protect Your Kartell Furniture

Kartell’s furniture, such as our famous “Louis Ghost” chair and “Jellies” homewares are made of Polycarbonate. It is a strong and durable material, and with extra care, this can increase the product’s longevity. When it comes to cleaning and protecting our furniture, firstly, avoid harsh chemical cleaning products which include ammonia, alcohol, and acetone. To clean our furniture simply use a cotton cloth and lukewarm water. For more tips and advice on how to clean your furniture, please contact our experienced team today.

Purchased a New Home or Space and are Wondering What Furniture to Buy?

Kartell Perth offers a range of modern, Italian contemporary furniture which includes homeware accessories, designer chairs, soft furnishings, couches, storage furniture such as the famous “Componibili” and designer tables. Our products are suitable for any space and indoor or outdoor events. For instance, an outdoor party can be styled with our “Pop” outdoor sofa, “Four” outdoor table and “Venice” chairs. Alternatively, an indoor dinner can be styled with our famous “Kabuki” floor lamp, “Sir Gio” table, pink “Jellies” plates, a metallic “Shanghai” vase and “Masters” chairs in metallic for a dramatic and bold style.

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