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Designer Sofas Australia

Fashioning the tone of the living space, Kartell designer sofas are practical whilst remaining lavish and luxurious. Transcendent and sizable, sofas become focal the focal point of any living room, deciding the ambiance of the social atmosphere. Kartell sofas deliver contemporary and eye-catching designs, fated to make lasting impressions. Characterised by vibrance and authentic artistry, this collection of designer sofas explores materiality, accentuating exclusive panache.


Contemporary Sofas by Kartell

Enveloped in comfort, discover Kartell’s series of both indoor and outdoor contemporary sofas, ensuring grandeur throughout the entire home. Employing the most daring instance of injection moulding technology in the world, Kartell designer sofas are articles of high stature and aptitude.


Discover the finesse and innovation of this collection of designer sofas here for Australia-wide purchase or come in and visit the Kartell Perth showroom today.


"Kartell continues to work on dual stylistic and technological innovation. Every year we add a new place where to sit: it is a sort of family that is slowly completing, and the new sofa will fit in very well with the rest of the collection."

Piero Lissoni

Designer Sofas Australia


Wondering Where to Buy Designer Sofas in Australia?

Kartell’s designer sofas are designed and made in Milan, Italy. Kartell has been a leader in the design industry since 1949 and Kartell’s series of both indoor and outdoor contemporary sofas can be found in Perth, in our Trilogy Claremont showroom.

How to Choose a Sofa for Your Home, Living Area, or Space?

Kartell’s designer sofas exude a luxurious and contemporary style for both indoor and outdoor settings. For an outdoor setting, the “Pop” outdoor sofa is fixed with a transparent backrest and customisable fabrics. Another iconic sofa is Kartell’s “Bubble Club” which showcases clean and contemporary design suitable for both indoors and outdoors. “Uncle Jack” Sofa is a revolutionary transparent polycarbonate design, suitable for both settings. Indoor sofas include the “Betty” and “Lunam” which have comfortable and enveloping seat cushions offering various vibrant colours.

Need Advice and Tips on How to Clean and Protect a Kartell Designer Sofa?

Kartell’s range of designer sofas are all made of various quality materials so it’s important to ensure you’re caring for them properly. For example, our famous “Uncle Jack” is made of Polycarbonate and our “Bubble Club” is made of Polyethylene. These are strong and durable materials, and with extra care, this can increase the product’s longevity.  Firstly, avoid harsh chemical cleaning products which include ammonia, alcohol, and acetone. To clean our designer furniture, simply use a cotton cloth and lukewarm water.

Wondering What Shape Sofa to Buy for Your Lounge or Space?

Kartell’s range of designer sofas in Australia come in various shapes suitable for any taste. Our “Bubble Club” sofa uses advance moulding technology which gives a clean and contemporary design. Another option is Kartell’s “Uncle Jack” sofa which has a transparent, modern design that can create an illusion of a larger space. Our “Lunam” sofa is inspired by the enchanting shape of a lunar landscape, which comes in a soft orsetto or antibes fabric. Our “Betty” sofa comes in a two and three-seater design with an enveloping seat cushion. For an outdoor setting, the “Pop” sofa has a transparent structure with a variety of fabrics suitable to complete your desired atmospheric space.

Need Help Choosing What Colour Sofa to Pick?

Given the fact it is such a dominant and influential piece, you need to love the colour of your sofa. From the earthy familiarity of the “Lunam” sofa to the bold, plum vibrance that is the “Betty” three-seater, there are a variety of designer sofa colours available in our Perth showroom to appeal to personal preference.

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