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Kartell Stools Australia

Exhibiting style and splendour, Kartell stools epitomise bold design. Showcasing a vast variety of proportions, colours, profiles and styles, the Kartell stool collection grants immense versality. Some embody simplicity and elegance whilst others are a result of depth and ornate form. A product of superior functionality, this collection of designer stools offers striking models of high texture materials, appealing to various personal tastes.


Kartell’s Designer Stool Collection

Adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, Kartell stools fulfill practical purpose whilst also establishing inspired and cohesive silhouettes. Whether to encourage a social atmosphere in a domestic space or to fashion a sophisticated experience in a commercial setting, there is an abundance of innovative pieces to select from.


Discover this collection of stylish designer stools here for Australia-wide purchase or come in and visit the Kartell Perth showroom today.

Kartell Stools Australia

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