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Contemporary Coffee Tables Australia

Complimentary to any living space, Kartell’s contemporary coffee table collection showcases plentiful hues and silhouettes. Kartell coffee tables are designed to tie in perfectly with all living room décor, acting as a luxurious centrepiece for the space. With grace and lightness, Kartell’s selection of timeless transparent tables allows for appreciation of the lavishness that is the rug beneath. The refined style allows for a flawless remodel, should there be a need for interior change, due to the lasting contemporary designs, figure and materiality of each coffee table.


Kartell’s Modern Coffee Table Collection

Customisable in colour and finish, these modern coffee table creations present freedom to compose an interior space derived from personal expression. Featuring vivacious geometric patterns and streamlined and conservative formations, this designer coffee table collection exhibits effortless function and design to suit any style.


Discover this innovative modern coffee table collection available for Australia-wide purchase here or come in and visit the Kartell Perth showroom today.

Kartell contemporary coffee tables in Australia





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