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"For 20 years, Kartell has been my second home. What else is there to say?"

Ferruccio Laviani 

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Bourgie Lamp

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Aledin Tec


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Wondering How to Choose a Table Lamp for Your Home or Space?

Selecting a Kartell table lamp is simple with our vast array of size, colour, and silhouettes -your choices are endless. Kartell offer opaque and matte finishes altering the amount of light thrown into the room depending on the colour and size of the table lamp.

Need Assistance with What Size Table Lamp to Buy?

The Kartell brand have designed an array of table lamps. Ranging in size a popular choice for customers is the “Taj” or “Taj Mini”. This unique addition to the Kartell range offers choice in size depending on your space. A variety of Kartell table lamps are available in different sizes; view our entire collection above!

Need Assistance with Where to Place Table Lamps in Your Home?

Kartell table lamps are designed for versatility; therefore, a certain space does not define a particular silhouette. Situated within the living room or on your kitchen bench, your Kartell table lamp is bound to make a statement in any room.

Have a question about our designer table lamps? Contact us today or visit our showroom in Claremont, Western Australia.