Mario Bellini
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Moon is a large translucent bowl, visible from the outside and from the inside, like reversible lunar caps. Whether used as a centrepiece or an ornament, Moon echoes the same fluctuating lines as the Dune trays.

People no longer say that Kartell just makes things out of plastic, but that Kartell makes exceptional things, having transformed plastic into one of the most valued materials of our time. When I’m developing something, I don’t think about the “design”. I don’t know what that’s about. I start with what has already been designed and what people have been designing since the dawn of time. It’s like an endless exchange: the challenge is to overcome, reject and then rediscover what came before from previous generations. So that, now and then, we can leave behind evidence for future ones.

Mario Bellini

Structure Material: Transparent Or Mass-Coloured Pmma
Fireproof: Not Fireproof
Usage: Outdoor

Height: 150mm
Diameter: 450mm

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