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Kartell Jellies Family

A prevailing expanse of luxury tableware, Kartell Jellies are models of fine embellishment. Featured in an assortment of colours, the Kartell Jellies family comes in a high-end array of plates, bowls, glasses, carafes, trays, coffee cups and sugar bowls, with moulded contours that showcase unparalleled sophistication. The resistant materiality ensures a voguish and relaxed dinner party for all. 


The Jellies family is eminently favoured on boats, due to its enduring composition and alluring hues. From the uniformity of a classic setting, entirely of a crystal palette, to a vivacious collaboration of pink, blue and green, the Jellies family deliver a captivating spread. Appropriate in any style of interior space, the Kartell Jellies articulate grace through exceptionally forged texture.  


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Kartell Jellies Family


Need Inspiration on How to Style a Kartell Dining Table?

Our designer Kartell dining tables can be styled with a varied range of elegant homeware accessories including the dramatic sculptural-shaped “Shanghai” Metallic vase, the exquisite “I Shine” vase which has a distinct classic geometry, and the “Jelly” Metallic vase features a sophisticated surface material replicating the forms used in pastry-making. Our luxurious “Jellie” and “Trama” tableware collection emphasises a vivacious form in a variety of colours which is suitable for a casual outdoor barbeque or a formal dinner.

Wondering How to Choose a Dining Table Colour?

Selecting from Kartell’s range of designer dining tables in Australia can be difficult. Our exquisite range is available in a variety of colour palettes and finishes. The “Sir Gio” table-top is made of a transparent techno polymer with a green, pink, bronze, or smoke-grey finish. Our “Glossy” Oval table and “Four Ceramic” comes in an exquisite stoneware with a marble surface finish. Our “Four” table offers a timeless, clean design with a scratch-resistant laminate table-top in a soft white or black finish suitable for any space.

How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home or Space?

Kartell’s collection of designer dining tables is available in a range of colour tones and materials, suitable for any dining space. The key to choose the right dining table is to pick a design that emulates your desired atmospheric style.
Our selection of round dining tables includes “Sir Gio” Table which has a
curvaceous transparent table-top paired with a sleek base and our “Multiplo” and “Glossy Oval” featuring a classic stoneware with a marble surface finish.
Our rectangular dining tables include “Four Ceramic” which has a stoneware marble finish and our “Four” table which has exquisite fine lines creating a timeless table suitable for any space.
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