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Designer Chairs Australia

Characterised by contemporary lines and artistic shapes, Kartell’s designer chairs have influence over the entirety of an interior atmosphere. Perfect proportions and striking designs result in unsurpassed comfort. These contemporary chairs range from sinuous composite, artistically entwined to tasteful exposure of upholstered craftsmanship. Highlighted in commercial and domestic designs, Kartell’s designer chairs are incredibly charismatic with tremendous aesthetic appeal.


Kartell’s Contemporary Chair Collection

Kartell chairs display bespoke creations with the competence to emphasise and influence the collective ambiance of a space’s unity. Meanwhile other pieces from the range promote simplicity, pairing cohesively with a dining table. Charismatic and bold, the Kartell designer chair collection features an extensive assortment of colours, encouraging versatility.


Discover this captivating collection of designer chairs available for Australia-wide purchase here or come in and visit the Kartell Perth showroom today.

Designer Chairs Australia


What Are the Different Types of Kartell Chairs Available in the Perth Showroom?

Kartell offers a variety of contemporary and designer chairs here in our Perth showroom, suitable for both indoor and outdoor depending on the location. The classic Kartell dining chair that would be appropriate for any modern space is the “P/Wood” from our Smartwood Collection. The“P/Wood” simple  and  rounded  lines  create curvature,  fitting  into  any environment. Kartell introduced to the world a revolutionary design embracing polycarbonate as a sustainable option for the brand. The Kartell “Masters” chair would be our next versatile option for either your indoor or outdoor selection. The “Masters” chair is a pragmatic and versatile option, with stackable ability and various radiant colours also available in ravishing metallic finishes.

Need Advice on How to Match Chairs to a Table?

When it comes to matching our contemporary chairs with a table, a fundamental point to remember is that chairs don’t necessarily need to match the table in terms of style and materiality. In fact, the contrast of differing aesthetics can elevate a space by fashioning further depth. Take for example the classic black “A.I.”chair, paired with the sleek “Four” ceramic table; similar enough in contemporary style to establish a harmonious aesthetic without appearing too matched and cold.

What Material is Best for Chairs When Selecting from the Range?

Ultimately, you want your chairs to be comfortable, easy to clean, durable, and, of course, stylish. The Kartell collection features a variety of materials that cater to such specifications. The comfort of the “Masters” chair is a collaboration of recycled thermoplastic and carefully formulated structure to envelope the body, whilst also inspiring a comprehensive silhouette.

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